A word from the Abbess


Dear friends,

The complete reconstruction of the Women’s Monastery of Saint Nicholas of Solba is a great miracle. Many who have been familiar with this place from its beginning, regard the monastery today with tears of humbleness, realizing that it was not human power that initiated this beautiful project. Nobody, not even those with with excellent health, intelligent minds, or wonderful skills, would be able to do this. This is a providential act divine grace. Many people who come to this monastery for the first time find it very difficult to believe that all the buildings here were erected during the last 10-12 years. Moreover, it’s amazing that construction started and is maintained thanks mainly to donations, gathered with great effort.

There is no task more important for contemporary society than caring for the next generation, and education is the strategic mission of our monastery. Since 2007, we have taken care of children in difficult situations, surrounding them with beautiful and useful things, shaping and forming their personality in this beauty. Investing in the future of our children is the duty of every human being. If we don’t think about this now, we can expect nothing from society in the future. When we get old we’ll have to endure our conscience’s remorse.

But glory to God! The Lord has granted and helped us accomplish what has been done so far. But to fully support everyday life in our monastery, as well as in the orphanage and school, many more things need to be done. We ask for your help! We are open to your suggestions, your remarks, anything that could help us solve our most pressing problems, bringing beauty to our life and souls.

Dear friends, we invite you to come to us and help us in our divine task. You will be easily and quickly convinced that, by helping us, you have made the most important decision in life – to find meaning, to make a good mark on the Earth.

We appeal to those who have already taken part, according to their strength and ability, in constructing this holy place, with a brick, with advice, or with physical labor. Your names are known by God, and we are praying for you all. We greet and thank you, our dear benefactors, people of God, patriots, like-minded people – and we are waiting for you!

Yours affectionately,  Abbess Erotiyda

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