The tasks of the monastery

The main task of the monastery is the prayer. The effort of the monastic consists of taking away their own will for God. The monk refuses the worldly family, refuses personal properties, he has only one ideal, to please the Lord. He prays for all.

“The greatest power that the Church used to transform the world was the power of the grace of God and the power of prayer. That is why monasteries should fully regain their former glory, and, perhaps, increase it. ” (His Holiness Patriarch Kirill)

Being daily confronted with world’s problems, the monastery cannot remain indifferent to the people and the actual situation of this world. One of the strategical activities of this monastery is the missionary one, the social assistance, the education of children and of adolescents.

The monastery of Saint Nicholas from Solba serves God by serving the others. The people needs monasteries, they are necessary in our days as only these holy places are capable to change the world. They represent the salt of the world about whom is spoken in the Gospel that if it loses its power, it cannot be replaced with nothing.

The aim of the social – missionary activity is that of transmitting the word of God to people, to lead them to Christian faith and to Christian spiritual values, to help people in suffering. At their turn, the children need to be educated in the same spirit, maintain this skill all their life for ennobling our society.

An orphanage and a secondary school named “The Good School of Solba” were opened in 2007 in the monastery. A professional college under the same name started its activity two years later. It has its activity under the same name the Mission of Mercy that gives help old people two invalid two families with many children families in need the poor families in the villages next to the monastery. This activity of the monastery was started even from the first days of its existence.

In the monastery there is the possibility of getting work for those who are thinking to establish themselves here. The local children from large families having poor means are transported every Sunday to the monastery for assisting to the religious service, for eating here or being educated during the holidays. The children from the surroundings villages come to the monastery to have contact with children from the orphanage and participate to the obedience, learning life in the monastery during the Great Lent and the week after Easter on the Feast of 9th of May. The sisters and girls go into the villages with presents and congratulations singing songs. That is an element of strong cohesion for people and it makes the soul closer to God.

The monastery works as well with the pilgrims. The main Place in the activity of the monastery it’s not only giving foods to them, to stay for the night and trips, but the effort for making here as much as possible useful and productive. In the first rank this is made by the participation to the holy services, to the processions and for those who want to the obedience in the monastery. All of this activities are surveyed by the sisters in the monastery. There are as well lessons, conferences, vision of movies and so on. They are expositions as the monastery of Saint Nicholas of Solba is situated in the very center of the Golden Ring and it constitutes the ideal base for pilgrimages.

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