The holy places

The Church of the Assumption of our Lady


The Church of the Assumption of our Lady, built in 1731, is situated in the center of the territory of our monastery and is considered to be the main Church. The religious service take place mainly here; the relics of the monastery together with the icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker and a small fragment of his relics are also in this church.

The administrative building and the church of saint and blessed Xenia from Saint Petersburg


This building contains the church of Saint and the blessed Xenia from Saint Petersburg. It’s a monument of architecture from the 19th century. At the beginning it was a two floors building in a very bad state and in the winter of 1999, the first sisters lived here together with some bums. Except this building and the destroyed Church of the Assumption of our Lady there was nothing there except ruins, dirtiness and mud. The building with the Church of the saint Xenia and the Church of the Assumption of our Lady, situated in the center of our monastery, have very important meaning because they represent our connection with the past and they are the heart of our monastery; around them it was build everything that exists.

The church of Saint Nicholas


It dates from the 15th Century, it was the first church of the Monastery, a wooden Church later on being burnt by the polishes. In 2003 in the day of the feast of the anniversary of a century of monastery’s existence, in 13th September the new building was founded with the church in the honor of Saint Nicholas. The Church is paint in Byzantine Style. It is necessary to finish the iconostasis, the reliquaries, the benches, to provide the utensils.

The church of Saint Sergio and The Church of the elders Anthony and Theodosius from Kiev


The wooden church of saint Sergio was built in the style of the northern Russian architecture. The shape of this church is similar to that of the painting of Nesterov “The vision of young Bartholomew”. The hillock on which the church was build contains fragments from the destroyed previous monastery. Under this church there is another one in the honor of the founders of monastic life in Russia, saint Anthony and Theodosius from the Laure of the Caves from Kiev. Inner part of the underground church is made on mosaics as during the first centuries of Christianity.

The church of Saint Spyridon 


The Church of Saint Spyridon was built in our monastery thanks to a special divine providence. It’s the first church build in Russia in the honor of this saint. The church was funded in June 2005 and is situated under the northern gate of the monastery, that was in fact the historical entrance. With this church a lot of miracles are connected. Its unicity resides in an artistic masonry from sharpened bricks, it seems unbelievable that is in fact a contemporary work craft.

The church of Saint Martyr Varvara and the observation tower


In the 15th century the first Church in this monastery was the wooden Church of Saint Nicholas, having a side-altar consecrated to the holy martyr Varvara, as Saint Varvara is one of the protectors of our monastery. The building containing the church of saint Varvara was founded in 25th of April 2006. Its architecture is beautiful. We invite those who have reverence for the great holy martyr Varvara to take part to the construction and painting of this church.

The Church of the Holy First Apostles Peter and Paul


The Church in the honor of apostles Peter and Paul is situated on a separated territory outside of the monastery. It was consecrated on 13th of July 2003, in the day of the Assembly of the twelve Apostles. The service in this church is made in the day of the commemoration of saint Apostles. The church is embellished in byzantine style.

The Chapels in the southern tower of the monastery


These chapels are being built in the honor of saint Theophany the Recluse and saint Ignacio Bryanchaninov and in the honor of Saint Maximus the Greek. On the shore of the river of Solba, near  the garden of the monastery, is being built  another chapel in the honor of the icon of the Mother of God “The abundance of bread”. Also, in the Western-Southern corner of the monastery is being built the chapel in the honor of saint Alexander Nevsky, near the holy spring on the river of Solba.

The holy spring and the watercourse Solba


While the cave-church in the honor of saint Anthony and Theodosius was built, it sprang from that land one source of water. Its course was derived outside the walls of the monastery.  The spring was consecrated in the honor of Saint Anthony and Theodosius and in the name of saint Sergio from Radonej. Next to the spring a bathroom was constructed. A lot of miraculous healings are known to happen here.

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