On monasticism

sestram (1)

There are some people that by their nature are inclined to seek the quietness far from the noise of the world, who don’t fit for the family life preferring the prayer and the complete contemplation off the work of God. They go into the monasticism.

sestram (3)There are also some people enduring the vicissitudes of life suffering many privations on the seat of life the destiny hasn’t being good to them, they lost the taste and inclination for living in the world.sestram (4) They feel themselves  lonely, their courage has perished. They go into the monastery and they find over there for themselves the quietness for their soul and the power of asceticism as a the meaning for life.

There are also people who deliver themselves to God enter to his church to the religious service they want or themselves until the end of their life and they deliver themselves to the service of God, they live only with religious ideas, they serve only the church, the Mother of God, and the saints.

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