The message of the abbess


Dear friends,

The rebuilding from nothing of the Nunnery of Saint Nicholas from Solba is a great miracle. A lot of you, being familiar with this place from its beginning, with tears of humbleness watch the monastery of today and they realize that it’s not the human power that initiated this beautiful project.  Any person, endowed either with an excellent health, or a genial mind, with wonderful skills or with whatsoever, wouldn’t be able to do this. Here is namely the providential action of the divine grace. A lot of persons, coming for the first time at this monastery find very difficult to believe that all the buildings around here were erected during the last 12 years. Moreover, it’s amazing also that the constructions started and they keep going thanks mainly to the donations, gathered with great effort.

There is no task more important for the contemporary society than the care for the future generation. The strategical mission of our monastery is the enlightenment of the new generation. Starting from 2007, we educate and take care of children that are in difficult situations, providing them all the means necessary for developing their personality harmonically in a beautiful way. Investing in the future of our children is a duty of every human being. If we don’t think about this right now it would be nothing for us to wait from our society of the future. When we get old we’ll have to endure the remorse of the conscience. 

But glory to God!  The Lord granted us the privilege to do what has been done so far. But for the complete providing of everyday life in our monastery as well as in the orphanage and in the school, there are a lot more things to accomplish. We ask for your help! And we are opened to your suggestions, your remarks, to everything that could help us resolving our tasks, embellishing our life and our souls.

Dear friends, we are waiting you to come to us and help us in our divine task.  You will be easy and quickly convinced that by helping us, you have taken the most important decision in life, you will feel that life begins to make sense and you will leave after you a good trace on the Earth. We appeal to those persons that have already taken part according to their power and possibilities to the construction, either with a brick, an advice or just with effort. Your names are known by God and we are praying for all of you. Please accept our greetings dear benefactors, men of God, dear patriots – we are waiting you!

Yours affectionately,  Abbess Erotiyda

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