The service of Mercy


Our monastery is situated in the center of the woods. The  closest town (Pereslav Zalesski) is 70 kilometers far from it. Around the monastery there are several small villages where the habitants are old persons left abandoned by their relatives. The State doesn’t provide any initiative for visiting them or to give them any help, even eventually for children. This is a great sin as for not paying attention to children, to grandmothers and grandfathers, the Lord’s punish is unavoidable.

We are longing to provide a base for systematically feeding those persons, for healing them, talking with them as they shall go into the eternity in a Christian way. At the present we are working with those people. We have the service of Mercy we help people all alone and ill old people having families with many children in the surrounding villages, we offer them food, clothes, shoes medicaments, we talk with them, help them in the house, try to bring them to the church every Sunday. We bring the children from those villages to the religious service, we feed them, we work with them, we drive them to Moscow and to other cities on the occasions of different events on the concerts together with the members of the orphanage. During the summer holidays the local children go to the monastery and they  communicate with the children from the school they help the work in the monastery and they study together. During the Great Lent and at the week after Easter, on the Feast of 9th of May, the sister and the girls of the monastery go into the surrounding villages to offer gifts and felicitations singing songs and bringing good dispositions. This is an element of strong unity between people and sensible the soul. For the moment there aren’t enough people for obtaining better results and the means aren’t enough as well. We need good-hearted Christian Orthodox women that have the desire to serve the others we need cars for going into the villages and get  children and old people religious service or into the hospital, we need medicaments and food products.

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